Hi Guys – Hope everyone is groovy. It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. I’ve been currently doing a lot of shows with my band Chillin Sun, mainly on the West coast of America, I post a lot of the upcoming gigs on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/TeamJB so check in there to see what I’m up to.

I’ve played on a few records as well, my friend Scott Stratton asked me to put some bass on his newest release Sigmund Fried, entitled “Psychobabble”. Always fun to catch up with my good mate, Dave Chuchian, “Chooch” on drums, cool odd time signatures and some spacy material on this release. Pulled out and dusted off the old 8 string Fernandes I got from Scott Uchida years ago to play, as well as my trusty ESP Vintage 4 with my old Ampeg classic head. John Prpich engineering, the baddest guy I know with no vowel in his name, recorded at his studio, RADD studios in Los Angeles, Cali.

I got together with another old friend, Michael Lee Jackson, did some writing and playing on his new LP called “Death by Sunshine”. I co wrote the track “Room with a View” and played bass. World famous Nick Blagona, who has recorded everyone from Purple to April Wine and anyone who used Le Studio in Quebec, engineered these tracks, and he and his partner Mary are quite the power couple as these sessions were not only fun, but the culinary skills of Mary made the music even more enjoyable. Thanks Michael & Nick, let’s do it again as there is more from where that came from.

Now Chillin Sun as been busy as well – we recorded “10 Drunk Summers long” with Dave Moreno on drums from Puddle of Mudd fame, and the bass tracks sound killer as well as the songs and the singing- You can pickup your copy or digital download straight from Apple Itunes. Kenny Kanowski does a great job on this and engineered this as well- Get it here: Ten Drunk Summers Long by Chillin Sun on Apple Music.

I also was invited to play on a record for “Rock against Trafficking” which is the brainchild of Gary Miller, World famous producer. This is for quite a good cause and I’m happy he called me. All the tracks are covers of Police songs, and the track I played on is Synchronicity II. Certainly a highlight for me as I’m playing with Journey on this track. Yes that’s right, Schon, Cain, Smith and Arnel Pineda. The album has several big names on it, including Santana, Heart, Cheap Trick, Rob Thomas, etc. It is supposed to come out this summer, and I thank Sammy Aliano and Gary Miller for my involvement. Purchase this as the proceeds go to The Rock against Trafficking cause that brings awareness to Human trafficking in this day & age all over the World.

I recently had a tune-up with Adrian Smith from Iron Maiden that was a lot of fun and hope we can get together and do it again soon when you’re off the road. Also, look for the re-release of the 1st Lion record, Dangerous Attraction. I just heard about this, and I think it will be remastered and expanded upon with new interviews and pictures from that time frame, See you on the road this summer, stay safe and keep in touch.